Sport psychology

Catherine worked for over seventeen years at the South Australian Sports Institute. At SASI she worked with a broad range of teams and individuals, coaches and other sports professionals. She travelled overseas with teams, culminating in attending the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, as part of the Australian Team. She works with individuals, teams and has been instrumental in coach development. Catherine also consults at the Wakefield Sports Clinic.


Sport Psychology is an integral part of performance at any level of sporting participation. Having the skills and ability is only one aspect, being able to successfully channel one's mind, is what can make the difference in achieving goals. Whether an athlete is competing at the Olympic Games, as a competitor in their club finals or as a weekend golfer, Sport Psychology can assist confidence, concentration and resilience. An essential part of success in sport (or life for that matter) is dealing with setbacks in a positive and resilient way. Catherine not only assists individuals but also teams and coaches. Sport Psychology assists athletes to perform to the best of the ability, whilst enjoying the challenge as well!

Injury can also be a part of sporting performance. Overcoming injury or having a career thwarted by injury can cause both disappointment and opportunities which can benefit from expert assistance.


Many of the principles of Sport Psychology apply also to exercise and health. Catherine also assists with motivation for exercise and enhancing healthy lifestyle behaviours.