Michael is a nationally accredited Mediator with LEADR and is very experienced in resolving workplace conflicts, as well as conflicts that have resulted in a claim for work related injury. Mediation is a process whereby each party in the conflict, has the opportunity to discuss their issues in private (in the first instance) with the Mediator. They then meet with the other party, to further discuss and commit to strategies and outcomes, so the conflict is either resolved or professional channels of communication are re-established. Mediation is a proven intervention to resolve work conflicts effectively and quickly.

The initial session focuses on an explanation of the process, understanding the issues, answering questions and preparing for mediation. The mediation process then follows a clear pathway, which culminates in documented future based behaviours and strategies, that are agreed on by all parties.


Mediation depends on all parties wanting to resolve the conflict and acting in their best interests and has been shown to be effective when undertaken by experienced and qualified people in this field.