Employee Assistance Programs

There are many reasons why people might access an EAP. These range from a desire to enhance certain skills such as time management or managing stress, to specific issues that arise in our lives from time to time.


Other reasons may include:

  • general stress or feelings of anxiety or depression
  • health issues or concerns
  • work life balance
  • family or parenting issues
  • increasing work or personal demands
  • effective communication strategies
  • changes in personal or work circumstances
  • conflict at home or work
  • trauma or bereavement


Both Michael and Catherine have a long-standing history and experience in providing EAP services within South Australia.


Many workplaces provide their staff the opportunity to access a certain number of confidential counseling sessions. Employers believe that when people are supported in their overall wellbeing, they are more productive, concentrate better and have less absenteeism. In most instances, all you need to do is contact us directly to make an appointment.