Injury treatment and assessment

Michael Craig Consulting offers a unique approach to injury treatment and assessment, centred round their program called “Coaching Yourself Back to Work”. Both Michael and Catherine can assist injured workers in their rehabilitation.


Michael in particular, assists clients to achieve the psychological resilience necessary to withstand the considerable impact that an injury can have on their career, relationships, and overall quality of life. The program commences at an early stage of the injury treatment and is aimed at providing specific and practical support strategies with clear goals and targets ensuring the person maintains a high level of motivation and control.

Both Medical Practitioners, organisations and clients have enthusiastically received this psychological approach, because of the following unique features:


  • Practical approach to injury rehabilitation
  • Clarifying goals, priorities and strategies
  • Emphasis upon maintaining psychological resilience
  • Provides an easily understood format to communicate progress to interested parties
  • Concerns can be identified and resolved at an early stage in the process


Michael Craig Consulting also offers injured workers psychological assistance in the following areas:


  • Building confidence and self esteem
  • Pain management
  • Stress management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Goal setting
  • Trauma
  • Vocational assessment

Let us assist you to get back on track.